“All I believe in is food and myself”

“Fuck, That’s Delicious” is a perfect conglomeration of everything that defines Action Bronson-- food, hip-hop, and his true affinity for giving zero fucks.

The monthly web series follows Bronson everywhere whether on tour, recording new tracks, or celebrating life with old friends and new strangers. Before becoming your favorite rapper, Action Bronson was repping Queens as a top chef. Now with “Fuck, That’s Delicious,” we watch as Bam Bam takes us to his some of his favorite and trusted food spots, dissecting and creating exquisite culinary masterpieces with the best in the game, combining the worlds of food and hip-hop.  

However it’s Bronson’s philosophy of living life to it’s absolute fullest that makes the show so enjoyable to watch. Whether befriending the locals, introducing us to his crazy sidekicks (Big Body Bes) and friends, we get to see everything Action boasts about in his raps.