When dissecting a massive catalog such as Hov's to rank his best verses, you really have to break it up. It would be like ranking the Top 10 sports cars ever made, you'd have to go by decade to make it more feasible. So we've decided to tackle everything Tha God MC has done post-retirement, Kingdom Come and forward to the present. Obviously, we're ignoring about a decade's worth of classics, but we'll save that list for another day if (more likely, when) Duke submits something stupid like "Top 10 Schoolboy Q Bucket Hats". But we digress, let's get to the list.

As usual, we'll hit you with the Top 10, plus some honorable mentions that just missed the cut. Anytime we do a list that has as many possible outcomes as this one, we expect some heated debate, as some of it comes down to personal preference. Should you disagree with out list, state your case in the comments and let us know what verses we may have missed. Make sure you to holla at us on Twitter with your ideas for future Top 10 lists, too!

[Editor's note: Fuck it, this was way too hard to narrow down, let's super-size it this week with a Top 20. Deal? Deal.]