Best friends for nearly two decades, Toni Braxton and Birdman's relationship turned romantic in 2016 after Toni experienced health difficulties. Birdman was always there for her, supporting her every step of the way and the two realized they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. With two personalities like Braxton and Birdman, we wouldn't expect a simple wedding as the pair is set to wed in an elegant, fancy fashion. According to Page Six, Toni Braxton wishes for the upcoming celebration of their romantic life to be themed around "The Great Gatsby," hinting at an extravagant, 1920's-themed affair.

Speaking to People, Toni gave some insight on what she wants out of the ceremony. "This is my second wedding, and I’m over 40," she told them. "It’s like Carrie Bradshaw, the last bride. It’ll be elegant and a little sexy." Many have attempted to learn more about their romantic pairing in interviews, with both tiptoeing around their answers. Braxton does claim that Birdman is "very traditional," treating her with nothing but respect in the most gentlemanly way. 

Although not much is known about when the couple will tie the knot, the ceremony will be a night to remember if Toni gets her way. Feuding with her sisters for the last month, there is no word on if Tamar and Traci will make it to the wedding.