After insinuating that Travis Scott's Astroworld Tour was a carnival built on lies, Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee has once again doubled down on the narrative. Even though Scott's legal representatives have essentially denied any and all wrongdoing, claiming "Tommy didn’t invent the concept of a roller coaster on stage," Lee maintains that the issue is more a manner of principle. 

"To many people this probably isn't a big deal. But as an artist, I specifically created the 360 and the Cruecifly for my shows. No one had put a roller coaster on stage before me. NO ONE,' writes Tommy, via IG. "When you put all that time and effort into something and someone just jacks it from you, it's not cool. Had he given me credit or paid homage it would've been a different story." Perhaps the entire situation might have gone down differently, had Travis and his team simply reached out to the Lee camp. Yet such did not occur, and as such, the Motley Crue drummer is feeling some type of way.

"Just like Kanye stole his set design from Lorde's show. We are artists. We pride ourselves on what we create," he continues, referring to Kanye and Cudi's Camp Flog Gnaw set design controversy. "For someone to just come along and take it for their own isn't cool. Come up with ur own shit. That's what an artist is supposed to do." He also clarifies that all of the above was to be read in "autotune voice."

What do you think? Is Tommy Lee out of line, or does the man deserve some props for his idea?