Tommy Fury and Jake Paul have been going back and forth for quite some time now, and fans have been waiting to see what would happen between them. At this point, everyone just wants the two to fight, although they seem more than happy to throw shots at each other on social media, without actually signing a fight deal. In fact, even Tommy's brother Tyson Fury is starting to get annoyed.

Recently, however, Fury was approached by TMZ, where he revealed that the fight will be made official within a month or two. The two have been working on the deal, and it seems like there are only a few things to work out. "Things are looking up now between that fight," Fury said "So hopefully we should get it closed in the next few weeks so we'll see."

Tommy Fury

Jason Miller/Getty Images

As for the fight itself, Fury says he is going to destroy Jake Paul and that he is doing the former YouTuber a favor by even entertaining the bout. Paul doesn't do much for Fury's career, but he is up for the challenge anyway.

“This is an easy fight for me. A real easy fight. I’ve been doing this since I was 7. He’s not a boxer, he’s going to see that when we fight. I will end his boxing career, there is no more Jake Paul after this fight. That’s it," Fury said. “Beating Jake Paul doesn’t get me a shot at the world title. It doesn’t get me any respect from other fighters because we all know what they think of him. All it is, is a good payday, an easy fight.”

For now, it seems like fans can expect the fight to go down soon. Whether or not it takes place in 2021, still remains to be seen.