Sure, we might be restricted from leaving the house unless it's absolutely essential but you better believe that whenever Tommie Lee needs to make a grocery store run, she's going to do it in style.

She might not have a chance to show off all of her outfits but she's making sure that, when she does leave the house, she attracts the attention of everybody else at the supermarket. It only helps that they need to stand two feet away from her because, let's face it, her behind is so curvy that it might actually stick out two whole feet.

Stepping out in the empty streets, Tommie Lee of Love & Hip Hop fame held an impromptu photo shoot to show off her ass(ets) to her millions of followers. Knowing her angles, she gave us a profile look in a suede bodysuit, showing off her booty and her ridiculously tiny waist. In a second picture, she let the camera capture her from behind in a different 'fit, still popping her cake and proving that she's one of the baddest females in the game. 

Even though nobody is going to see her in the street, Tommie knows that all eyes are on her in internetland. Thus, she came through with the quarantine thirst traps.