These days, politics are a topic to be avoided in any sort of conversation. While you can argue that it has always been a dividing subject, Donald Trump's election has brought out pure ugliness from both sides of the American political spectrum. One of the most well-known political commentators has to be Tomi Lahren. Aside from Kanye West's love of Candace Owens, Lahren has stirred up the most drama throughout Trump's political campaign, alienating a large crowd by way of her questionable comments on her television platform. Now acting as a contributor for Fox News, Lahren is still public enemy number 1 to a lot of people who have been offended by her remarks.

As likely one of the most hated people in the world, Tomi Lahren cannot go anywhere without having at least some shade thrown her way. The general public often does not agree with what she has to say and they make sure to voice it. Out at a Minneapolis restaurant, Tomi was the victim of a drink-throwing incident. As she walked out of the establishment, a group threw a drink at her and verbally attacked her with, "Fuck that b-tch," "fuck this h-e" and "racist ass b-tch" being spewed her way. TMZ managed to catch video of the incident and they are reporting that some of the water got onto Lahren's mother as well. 

Tomi Lahren was escorted out of the restaurant by staff after the incident. Regardless of if you love her or hate her, there has to be a more mature way of handling this situation. Watch the video below.