Tomi Lahren has never been one to read the room. In the midst of a full-blown, racially-driven political divide, the political pundit has continued her campaign against Colin Kaepernick. Following Kaep's first Emmy Nomination for his "Dream Crazy" Nike commercial, Lahren took to Instagram to shake off the salt. Donning a politically-provocative T-Shirt for emphasis, Lahren made her stance abundantly clear, which is hardly surprising in itself. Yet given the sociopolitical climate at the moment, one has to wonder what she hopes to gain, other than riling up an already fervent demographic.

"The Crybaby Kaepernick Nike commercial is nominated for an Emmy. For what? Best comedy? What a joke!" she writes, in her own attempt at securing said "best comedy" award. "The fact the Left, the entertainment industry and the mainstream media have lifted that loser to such a high pedestal should make it even more evident what’s at stake in 2020!" Clearly, this is the flag that Lahren has chosen to bear, within the same twenty-four-hour timeframe in which racially "send her back" chants were issued against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar at a Trump rally in North Carolina. 

In the meantime, Kaep is out here getting Emmy nominations and securing the Nike bag. Though his act of kneeling has served to ruffle more than a few feathers, his actions have been hailed as bravery by an equal, if-not-greater number. Are we surprised to see Lahren lashing out in such a fashion? Saltiness is hardly flattering, nor does it win debates; expect the rap community to sound off in kind. Congrats to big Kaep for his Emmy nomination!