New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady took to twitter during Thursday night's game between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars to voice his displeasure about the amount of flags on the field.

During the Jags' 20-7 victory, Brady tweeted: "Too many penalties. Just let us play!!!!" He later added that he was turning the game because of all the "ridiculous penalties."

In the first half alone, there were 15 penalties including eight for holding. There were 20 penalties in total for the game, including the declined penalties, with Tennessee being flagged 12 times, nine of which were accepted by the Jaguars. According to ESPN, the 12 total penalties were their most since Week 5 of the 2017 season.

Brady's tweets were noted by Troy Aikman during last night's broadcast:

"Tom Brady is one of the least controversial people we have in our game. He is league royalty. When he makes a statement like that, that should get somebody's attention."

As seen in the tweets embedded below, New York Jets safety Jamal Adams and suspended Titans lineman Taylor Lewan also agreed with Brady's take on the matter.