TMG Fresh Dips The "Lights Low" During A Therapy Session

Alex Zidel
May 13, 2019 17:16

TMG Fresh flirts with his therapist in his new video.

With flashing lights following him everywhere he goes, TMG Fresh needs to keeps his shades on at all times. He admittedly bottles up a lot of his pain though and he uses his glasses as an additional means to hide his emotions. He states that in the new video for "Lights Low," which already makes him more relatable than half of the vast population of auto-tuned rappers. Fresh uses similar techniques to somebody like PnB Rock, keeping melody in his front pocket and adding a dose of auto-tune to clean up his performance.

The clip shows the rapper during his therapy session and his stories are somehow so sexy that with each passing scene, his therapist loses an article of clothing. Sporting a "sultry librarian" type look, she takes notes from time to time but for the most part, she's busy wondering what life could be like living with TMG Fresh. 

Get to know this rising rapper and let us know your thoughts.

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