The estranged couple even fight about things that fall outside the precipice of their marriage. TMZ caught up with Tiny outside The Grove in West Hollywood for her take on hubby's handling of the Houston's Racial Boycott. If you recall, T.I. staged and later lifted a boycott of the restaurant chain after details emerged of an African American family being refused service at a location in the Atlanta-area. T.I. acquiesced to demands he sit down with representatives of the restaurant chain to discuss the issue in a "relaxed environment," the arrangement proving fruitful for both sides. Houston's issued a statement stating their willingness to employ more minorities in positions within their company structure. 

Tiny for her part, didn't see eye-to-eye with the way her husbands co-opted the cause. She doesn't think the incident, dating back to early October, was racially-motivated. She feels the same way about the incident involving a women being dragged face first out of a Houston's rest room, her reasoning being that the security guard was himself African American. She does however think the security guard should be reprimanded for her actions, just not over grounds of racial profiling. Check video of both the incident in question, and Tiny speaking candidly with TMZ.