Now that Tinashe is riding such a high, she is willing to openly discuss her lower points. In November, she released her fourth album, Songs For You, her first project released independently since splitting from RCA Records. It's been greatly received by fans and critics, and Tinashe can enjoy knowing that she bet on herself and won big. On Saturday (Jan. 26), she attended the prestigious Roc Nation brunch - another sign that she is thriving. While there, Tinashe told reporters about her struggles following her breakup from Ben Simmons. Tinashe and the NBA player dated for about eight months before splitting in the spring of 2018. 

“It may have been worst day of my life, but it’s okay,” Tinashe said about the day she found out Simmons moved on to dating Kendall Jenner. “I drank for like six months after that! Are you kidding me? I was like wasted for months. But I’m okay now. It was terrible. It was bad. Like it was bad, but I’m good now.”

              Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images

Tinashe found out that Jenner was in the picture “from reading a headline”, which was weird for the singer. “Beyond… I  mean it’s not normal. It’s not normal,” she laughed. Aside from her mother, Tinashe mentioned how friends helped her get through that dark phase and she has resolved to not go back down that road. “You’ll find out in real time. It goes live real. I think it’s important to always have people that got your back, but at the same time you can’t really ever take it too seriously. At the same time you’ve got to keep moving forward and through it. This year is such a big year in terms of like what I want to do. Just like even trying to give that energy is like I can’t. I can’t go there.”