McDonald's has been facing some issues due to a lapse in health safety. An outbreak that started in May is still claiming victims. The chain's issue, which is spread through faecal matter, has racked up a total of 365 cases of illness so far. It seems like the brand is attempting to shift the conversation with sponsored posts.

Tinashe posed with a McDonald's meal and posted the photo on Instagram today. The photo features the artist holding a burger in one hand and a few fries in the other. The cardboard container is neatly placed in front of her as she sits cross-legged in a restaurant booth.

Let's be real. The bite that was taken out of the burger may or may not have been ingested by the singer herself. The promotional purposes of the upload are made clear in the singer's caption: "Blind Dragon’s Chicago opening with @McDonalds â¤ï¸ðŸŸðŸ˜‹ nothing better #sponsored #mcdonalds"

Tinashe probably did not eat that food. The artist, like most regular people, cannot risk getting sick from eating fast food during a publicized health scare. The infection that customers are falling ill from can last anywhere between a few days and a few months. If she did risk it, let's hope she got paid extra.