The R&B songstress that is Tinashe is the latest cover star for Wonderland's December/January issue. The "2 On" singer fronts the magazine in an angelic pose with the words "flashbacks, memories and dreams" accompanying her. 

The 24-year-old is gearing up for her sophomore release, Joyride, that's set to drop in 2018 following up her critically-acclaimed 2016 mixtape Nightride. Since hitting the scene, the singer has made efficient strides in banking on her modelling career by fronting brands and leading campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, M.A.C. Cosmetics and more recently Juicy Couture. 

In a past feature with Galore magazine, the Aquarius singer spoke on experiencing sexism in the industry saying males experience far less than women. "The most blatant sexism I received was more toward the beginning of my career when people thought of me more as a cute girl who got a deal who didn’t necessarily earn her place here," she said. "It was an attitude of, “okay, this girl is hot,” and a lot of people just really objectifying me in studio situations when I’m trying to make a song with a producer or writer."

Hopefully, her upcoming feature in Wonderland magazine will hear a more positive experience in the industry as of late. You can pre-order a copy now

Although Tinshae has many beloved tracks, her Ryan Hemsworth remixed "Boss" goes down as a top favourite.