No one knows for sure what goes on between two people, but according to previous reports, Tiffany Haddish and her ex-husband have been dealing with some things. Tiffany dropped off her novel The Last Black Unicorn last year, and her ex William Stewart sued her for defamation claiming Tiffany made false accusations that he abused her. Despite what happened or didn't happen, there seems to be a deeper meaning as to why Tiffany is not married anymore and she hopped on Instagram to share what the meaning is. 

The explicit photo below describes how sex "is a ritual of exchanging energies." It asks you to question if the person you are sleeping with recharges you or drains you. 

"This why I am not married anymore. I refuse to allow someone to drain the life out of me," Tiffany captioned the photo. "I can do that myself. I will wait for God to send me the one that recharges me. Thank You very much. Until then GO Away Satan in the name of Jesus.!!!!"