Usually, it sucks when people photo-bomb your attempts at taking a nice picture with friends. Sometimes it can make the photo even more legendary than it was originally intended to be. The latter is true in Tiffany Haddish's case, snapping a few shots while she enjoyed herself at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party. The crowded affair was full of stars but, in the midst of taking a selfie, she happened to spot Drake who decided to get in on the fun. Tiffany had presented an award at the ceremony prior to the party, becoming a highlight of the show for her comedy with Maya Rudolph on stage.

Many have critiqued the Oscars as being an unintentionally long show with this year's edition ranking as one of the least-watched in history. For those uninterested in film, the show can certainly drag on and the events afterward may be the entertaining aspect for you. Haddish came across Drake at the party and got a solo shot with him, as well as a group pic with the rapper. In the latter of the two, Drake's father even makes an appearance in the background.

Maybe Tiffany got to schmoozing with Drake and, who knows, she could be the next subject of a Drizzy track. One thing's for sure, Tiffany Haddish stole the show at the Oscars and we're rooting for her and Maya Rudolph to co-host the next ceremony. Check out the pictures below.