T.I. came to his brother's aide amid the mixed reception of Wiz Khalifa's Rolling Papers 2, but not for any reason in particular. Wiz had been singled out for producing racially insensitive remarks on "How Now" off Rolling Papers 2. The Pittsburgh rapper defended his decision to include euphemistic language along what some may consider "dangerous lines" because he as he puts it, "Chill out, I’m not racist. I love all races."

T.I.'s decision to hold his brother down doesn't necessarily have any bearing on these issues or the quality of his output. But in sensing that his "We Dem Boyz" honoree was in a susceptible position adue to his album release, T.I. jumped on Instagram to help Wiz expunge all the naysayers.

The Instagram post illuminates an imagined conversation between T.I. and Khalifa, accompanied by a photo of them living it up in a club setting. A shirtless Wiz Khalifa clutches his female companion (Winnie Harlow) while T.I. gestures to onlookers waiting in the distances. The exchange reads:

Wiz: Yooo that’s them over there....

Me: Yeah I know... F*ck Em’ Dey don’t want no smoke, Dey just want attention. I’ma smile & wave... if Dey wave back, Dey PU$*Y... look... 

Wiz: Ain’t that some sh*t

T.I. then closes his caption with a hashtag celebrating the release of Rolling Papers 2. It never hurts to have friends in lofty places.