T.I. has been preparing his upcoming album, Paperwork for quite some time, and over time it seems like its taken a drastically different shape. In a new interview with V-103's Big Tigger, Tip revealed that he's decided to turn the album into a trilogy, which he will unveil over the next year.

"Me, Pharrell, Columbia, Hustle Gang, what we're trying to do now is make the album a trilogy, but to be released in a 12 month period, he said. "3 albums in 12 months, and a movie to finalize it. In 12 months the film should be shot, and we should be presenting it."

The Kang later elaborated on how the trilogy concept came to be. "At first it was gonna be 20 songs, 'cause I had broke it up into like 7 songs for each of those sections," he said. Now each one of those sections will be a separate album. Maybe like 13 [tracks on each album]. We've got a Hustle Gang project also coming."

Tip said that we could expect the first installment of Paperwork in the late summer, before speaking briefly about his large collection of songs. "If I don't record another day, I've got like 500 songs-- at least," he said. "I'm talking about me just solo. If I start counting features and crew records we might be at 750."

Watch the full interview below.