T.I. has taken his newly appointed role as "voice of the people" rather seriously.  Whether you want the self-professed inventor of trap as your representation is a personal choice. Presumably, T.I.'s line of reasoning is more centered toward a liberal persuasion; should you lean right, you're inherently stuck riding for team Kanye. At least, as far as this debate is concerned. Regardless, Tip has clearly been enjoying his newfound position, and has wasted little time in hitting the interview circuit. Coming off a chat with Kanye's newfound nemesis Ebro, Tip swung through The Breakfast Club in an attempt to make sense of Kanye's unpredictable behavior.

"I just wanna make sure that the collective is properly represented, that's it," proclaims T.I, as a disclaimer. "I'm honored to do so." Admitting he was "willing to die" for a righteous cause, it's clear that Tip feels a genuine passion toward activism, particularly where issues plaguing the black community are concerned. Eventually, the conversation gravitates to Kanye West (around the eight minute mark), and Tip admits that prior to recording "Ye Vs. The People," he hadn't spoke to Yeezy since being released from prison. Suffice it to say, the reunion must have been heated.

From Tip's account, the meeting transpired after Kanye's initial MAGA rampage. Despite being distracted by the upcoming Yeezy clothing season, T.I. remained focused on his goal. He reveals he took Kanye aside for a private conversation, in order to figure out what was up with the enigmatic star. Apparently, Kanye chalked up his whole demeanor to "being a free thinker." 

"I just feel free to think whatever my mind my mind leads me to think without some monolithic view of what society wants me to think," says Tip, recounting Kanye's words. When he inquired about the MAGA hat, Kanye blamed it on his subconscious. Be sure to check out the whole video below, particularly if you're enjoying this particular narrative.