It's a well-known fact that Drake is hip-hop's consummate ladies man. Whether he's sharing pictures on Instagram about his hang sessions with Jennifer Lopez (who later admitted that she and the rapper were never a serious item) or sharing posts about his crushes Sarah Silverman and Aubrey Plaza, Drake is one of the kings of social media attempts at romance. Things were no different yesterday, when the Six God shared a photo that, while on the surface may seem uninteresting, raised eyebrows because of who he tagged in it.

Sharing a black-and-white picture of his lonesome-but-tough demeanor, Drizzy captioned the slightly sad image of him sitting next to an empty chair with "Stood me up." While that sounds pretty innocuous, it appears as though he tried to tag Angelina Jolie's profile in that spot as well. While Jolie neither stood him up nor decided to join him after the fact, the emcee's effort certainly is admirable. Talk about shooting your shot.

To be clear, this isn't Jolie's official Instagram account (even though it says "official" in the username), but a popular fan-made profile instead. As far as we can tell, Jolie doesn't have a verified presence on the platform but, with over 8 million followers, the fan account definitely reaches a large group of people online. As expected, fans of both the rapper and the actress were quick to react to this flirtatious move on social media. Some were applauding Drake for doing his thing and making that first move, while others were adamant that Jolie is totally out of the Champagne Papi's league. Check out a sampling of the reaction below.

Drake has also been shown some love by a completely different faction of the Internet in recent days: the NYPD. By way of a rap music video, the cops from a Lower East Side precinct channeled some of Drizzy's energy and let's just say that the results are ... interesting. Check out all the details here.