I don't know about you but when I'm drinking a cold pint of beer, I want it to taste like beer. However, there are tons of craft beers that interest people who aren't super into the taste of beer. This is a little bit of the stretch though, in my honest opinion.

If ever you've wanted to enjoy an ice cold glass of Lucky Charms while you're sitting by the lake in the summer, you've strangely got the chance. Smartmouth Brewing Company is introducing a brand new item to their list of beers, brewing a Lucky Charms-inspired IPA and advertising it on their socials. The new beer will be released on Saturday in Norfolk and it's expected to sell out pretty quickly. After all, there is an extremely high demand for Lucky Charms alcohol, right?

"Brewed with house toasted marshmallows and cereal marshmallows in the mash, hopped with Galaxy and Calypso, and dry hopped a whole lot more," explains the brewery. "This IPA is sure to set you back with nostalgia, on the couch, turning on the best cartoons for a Saturday morning."

The beer is called "Saturday Morning" and it's sure to bring back memories. It will only be available at the Norfolk location but if you're serious about your beer, you'll probably be driving down this weekend.