Surprises are en vogue. Mysterious man slash entity The Weeknd is mere hours removed from the drop of his unexpected My Dear Melancholy EP. Still, the fervent fans wasted little time in devouring the project, and as such, have already made their initial impressions abundantly clear. As Abel is generally a man of musical integrity, there were many of satisfied listeners come sunrise. After all, the project was touted as a return to his House Of Balloons roots, a project generally seen as the origin of his heyday. 

Judging from the myriad comments left on both the mixtape page and the initial announcement, it's clear that The Weeknd's fanbase is well represented across our site. Naturally, our users had a wide variety of opinions regarding Abel's latest; while generally positive, a few alternate takes were nevertheless offered up. The general consensus was largely positive, with many appreciating the return to his darker vibes. Perhaps Selena Gomez played a pivotal role as the project's muse; plenty of readers felt their publicized breakup played a pivotal role in shaping the thematic content. 

For your perusal, here are some of the notable My Dear Melancholy reactions courtesy of the HNHH community. Trolls need not apply.