Not content to have any other artists hold the spotlight, The Weeknd has come through with a brand new, behind-the-scenes, short film detailing the studio sessions for his latest EP, My Dear Melancholy,

The video, titled "He Was Never There", was directed by Joachim Johnson, produced by Rebecca Hearn, and edited by Dylan Coughran. The majority of the video has a grainy quality to it, as though it was filmed through a camera from the 80's, lending the video to a grungy aesthetic that compliments the mood of the music being produced. 

We're treated to shots of the studio that Abel recorded the EP in, which according to the video, is lit with only red and blue lights and has paisley wall paper on the wall. We're also shown images of small CRT televisions, as well as audio wave forms containing mysterious messages.

While The Weeknd is clearly the star of the video, it's not his voice that provides us with information. The only non-singing voices in the video belong to the audio recordings that are played, as well as The Weeknd's producer, who reveals his take on the EP. Most interestingly is that the entire thing was apparently recorded and released in around a month and a half. He also mentions that a big appeal of the Weeknd's music is people's desire to be able to experience his viewpoint.

Other than the songs from My Dear Melancholy, acting as the soundtrack to the video, Abel is completely silent, almost as if he was never there. Check out the short film below: