The Weeknd shut down the internet last week with the surprise release of his latest project, My Dear Melancholy. The lead single off the project marked the largest debut for a Spotify single this year with 3.5M. He's been directing fans to stream it through the platform and even dropped off two music videos through Spotify. Regardless, new reports have emerged that say "Call Out My Name" was streamed nearly twice as many times on Apple Music than it was on Spotify.

The Verge is reporting that The Weeknd's latest project nabbed 26 million on Apple Music within the first 24 hours of its release. In addition, the lead single off of the project, "Call Out My Name" did twice as many numbers on Apple Music within the first day than it did on Spotify, despite the fact that The Weeknd's been sending fans to Spotify to stream the project. The song ended up marking the largest debut of a song this year on Spotify. "Call Out My Name" did 3.5M within the first day of it's release on Spotify while Apple Music tallied nearly double that with 6M streams in the same amount of time. 

The interesting part about this is that Apple Music doesn't have as many subscribers than Spotify and despite the disadvantage, they've managed to outperform Spotify on three different occasions within the past 13 months. Drake's More Life was streamed 28.6M more times on Apple Music than Spotify. In addition, Post Malone's "Rockstar" was also dominant on Apple Music in comparison to other streaming services. However, "God's Plan" still holds the record for single day streaming on Apple Music with 14M streams in a single day.