Chances are you've heard the name Migos lately. A lot. Last year, the Atlanta trio scored multiple hits on the Billboard 100, all from their two critically-acclaimed mixtapes. Migos are clocking major label money, and they haven't released an album yet. One reason Migos are getting so much exposure is that they're the only trio out there doing it. Period. As rap groups are becoming a thing of the past, Migos continue to innovate, and thus far, they're committed to doing it together. 

Though it might be too early to start talking longevity, the odds of group success are in Migos' favor because they're family. Literally. Quavo is Takeoff's uncle, and Offset is Quavo and Takeoff's cousin. Quav's father died when he was four years old, and both of Takeoff's and Offset's respective dads left while they were still kids. All three began living under Quavo's mother's roof in middle school. Though their raps may appear superficial on the surface, their stakes in the game go way deep.

Tomorrow, Migos will drop Migo Lingo, their first mixtape of 2015, and their debut album, Y.R.N. 2, will be released later this Spring.

You know Migos as the hottest rap trio since the 90s. Now meet the individual members.