"Red Table Talk" is the web series that started with three generations of women - Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Jada Pinkett Smith, Willow Smith - gathering to discuss complex and taboo topics. The show quickly became popular due to people admiring the family's candor and healthy way of communicating with one another. A few episodes into the series, the Smiths started welcoming famous guests to join them in their conversations, such as Common, Kid Cudi and Ciara


Today, the show returned to Facebook Watch with the 11th episode of its second season. The episode started off with father Will calling for an emergency meeting at the entrance of their beautiful home. Will's eldest son, Trey, sits at the red table for the first time this episode as the whole family talks about nutrition. The urgent matter that Will wished to discuss was his recent epiphany that he doesn't actually know anything about food or about how to eat to feel good. RTT's production seems to be stepping up, now setting up a story before the talk and featuring moments of Jada talking directly to the camera like a full-blown reality show. I wouldn't be surprised if the show gets picked up by Netflix soon. 

Watch the new episode here and check out our list of its best moments