It may be a little late for Cardi B to declare her candidacy in the upcoming Presidential election -- she also wouldn't even be allowed to run because she's too young -- but in the future, The Game wants to see the Bronx loudmouth take a seat in the Oval Office. Rappers have toyed with the idea of running for President of the United States in the past. Namely, Kanye West convinced us all that he would be making a go at it in 2024. At this point, people are getting creative in thinking of names that could potentially usurp Trump as the favorite to win the election. The Game is trying to think of who would be good in that spot and he has officially co-signed Cardi B for POTUS, naming her potential Vice President as well.

Araya Diaz/Getty Images

When a paparazzo caught up to the Los Angeles legend, The Game revealed that he would vote Cardi B for President if she were to ever run on the Democratic side. In the last year, the "Money" rapper has shown a great interest in politics, speaking on topics that she holds close to her heart. Game thinks she'd make a solid candidate, saying, "I'm voting for Cardi B, Democrats," said the star. "She can do anything she wanna be — she Cardi B! I think she should start with New York Senate. Give it four years, let the baby grow up a little bit. Cause you know, Offset, he gon' be the First N***a or the First Homie."

We could be nearing a battle of the Bronx... Could we see a potential face-off between Cardi B and AOC on the Democratic side of things in the years to come?