The Game dropped off a new record last night, along with the pre-order of his upcoming album 1992. It may be a result of 'good' timing or perhaps some more intricate publicity scheme to push the LP, but it appears The Game has some beef to settle with Meek Mill-- the two aren't linked together very often, although they collaborated over a year ago on "The Soundtrack," so this definitely seems like it's coming out of nowhere.

During a live performance last night at Club Story in Miami, The Game threatened the Philly rapper while on stage, and called him a snitch. "I just wanna beat that n*gga ass one good time," he tells the crowd, "Fuck Meek Mill, n*gga, I'm Game, West Side Bompton."  His tirade against Meek Mill continues as he prefaces a new song he's about to perform.

Check out the video clips circulating below via HHNM. What do you make of all this? We'll keep you posted should Meek Mill respond.