Not being able to avoid the inevitable, The Game’s upcoming album, Documentary 2, sprung an early leak Wednesday afternoon. And like many of his previous efforts, Documentary 2 has several name drops heard throughout the project, some good some not so good, but one artist in specific that was affected by the latter was Lupe Fiasco, who has since responded to his situation.

On the Ab-Soul-featured cut “Dollar & A Dream,” the Game says Lupe went “weird,” in the opening verse. He reportedly spits,

“I put it on a head I ain’t talkin no toupee. I stayed the same ain’t go weird like Lupe” – The Game

Catching wind of the line, Lupe has since responded to The Game’s mention on twitter, posting a video of Radiohead’s 1993 smash hit “Creep.”

Knowing the Game’s past, it should only be a matter of time before he claps back and touches on the situation in some sort of fashion. However, he's also got some re-emerging beef with Young Thug going on at the moment too, so maybe he won't. Guess time will only tell.

Check out the tweet below and listen to the track here (Lupe line drops right after the 1-minute mark)