The days of cable are numbered. Streaming has become the most efficient and popular way for millennials to enjoy several forms of entertainment. Movies, television shows, music, and radio have all gone digital, and there are even streaming services for books. While cable is still home to a long list of popular shows (Game of Thrones, Family Guy, Power) most of those series can also be accessed online. With more and more people turning to the internet for their shows, the market for new series continues to grow. Unlike television, which is burdened with weekly time slots, streaming sites can release entire seasons that fans can watch at any time they please. Most cable stations have a streaming platform now as well, where fans can watch the entire season of shows after they have finished airing on television. Remember the days when you had to wait until a show was airing again, or when you had to clear more space on your recorder? Those days are behind us.

Although Netflix is the go-to streaming site for most millennials, HBONOW and Hulu have extensive catalogs as well. Just last month, I re-watched Entourage and The Wire in their entirety. Not in the market to rewatch shows from a decade ago? Both HBONOW and Hulu have a lengthy list of original shows that range from gossip dramas to sci-fi epics. With so many options at your fingertips, why settle for a catalog of just one streaming service? Diversify your entertainment. From The Duce to The Handmaid’s Tale, these are the best shows to stream on HBO and Hulu.