Almost every Marvel character got an origin story. Tony Stark became a hero after seeing how his weapons of mass destruction were hurting people around the world. Black Panther became a king after his father was killed in Civil War. Captain America was frozen in ice after attempting to destroy an Infinity Stone. Now, the biggest bad guy in the Marvel Universe is getting his own origin story, in book form

Yes, the mad titan Thanos will get an origin story, but it will not be connected to the MCU. Gizmodo got the scoop on the new novel, which was originally reported to be connected to the movies. While it is unfortunate that Thanos' story won't play a part in the movies, our guess is that Marvel might be attempting to cover up the connection since the book will drop between Infinity War and the yet to be titled Avengers 4 film. For all we know, his origin book will play a role in the movie somehow, and Gamora has already been spotted in the trailers as a child prompting fans to believe a backstory will be explored throughout the two films. Barry Lyga is the author of the book, which is entitled Thanos-Titan Consumed. Speaking with Gizmodo, Lyga expressed his motivation behind writing the origin story. 

“I wasn’t overly concerned with how to make Thanos sympathetic,” Lyga stated. “I went into this already knowing the end—Thanos turns into a massive powerhouse with plans to kill half the universe. We all know where Thanos is going to end up. We’ve seen the trailers. I wanted to show how we get there.”

“It’s a pretty big idea to say, ‘Half the universe must die,” Lyga continued. ”And then it’s a big jump to say, ‘I’m the guy to do it.’ And then bigger to say, ‘Not only must it be done and not only am I the one to do it, but I know I can do it. And here’s how.’”

Thanos-Titan Consumed will be released on November 20.