TMZ has learned that Tekashi 6ix9ine has refused to cooperate with cops over the alleged theft of his chains. Tekashi informed law enforcement that his missing jewelry was worth in the region of $1 million but stopped short of filing a physical description for each pendant. On top of that, Tekashi refused to fill out a "missing property form" for the iPhone that got jacked the evening of his carjacking. Tekashi's girlfriend has reportedly followed suit with his non-compliance.

News of his non-cooperation follows several postings in which he celebrated the return of his jewelry. But since we don't have physical description of each item, and neither does law enforcement, we can't ascertain whether Tekashi is posing with newly purchased jewelry, or pieces he lost during the robbery/assault. In any case, NYPD are still hell bent on solving the case, with the considerable surveillance footage at their disposal.

For Tekashi, words don't come easy, and TMZ strongly believes the pieces he was posturing behind were not the items in question. Tekashi maintains that his social media musings were not a "publicity stunt." Snatching isn't as daring an exploit as it once was. Rappers used to let their chains hang well below the sternum, risking more than others would think wise: their net worth & their pride.