It was previously reported by TMZ that Tekashi had arrived at home after long night of shooting a music video in Brooklyn, when it appears the rapper told authorities he'd been kidnapped sometime before at a traffic stop. The discrepancies between the initial report and the 2nd released by law enforcement put the validity of either statement into question.

Tekashi told cops at around 4:25am he was passenger in a Chevy Tahoe stopped at a Brooklyn intersection when two men (not three) jumped out of their vehicle while the SUV awaited a traffic signal. According to 6ix9ine, the two men rammed the rear bumper of the Tahoe and proceeded to carjack the rapper and his entourage, stealing away with both the driver's iPhone and Tekashi in the back seat.

Tekashi then told cops he was forced to call someone inside his residence, so they could post his ransom, while wrapt by his kidnappers. The initial report seemed to suggest the confrontation beginning in his driveway, and not sometime before.

Cops say Tekashi checked himself into the hospital, thereby taking him at his word. One of those stories is more gripping and more negatively skewed than the other. I'll let you guess which one.