Unlike in 1992, when an overconfident Dream Team roster got blasted out the gym by a ragtag college outfit- the current crop has so far, stood their ground against younger more inexperienced competition. After coming out the victor in a warmup scrimmage (held yesterday)- Team USA's senior squad underwent a few changes across the board.

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

For starters,  Thaddeus Young and Bam Adebayo were eliminated from the running. Throughout the mini camp leading up to this summer's FIBA World Cup, Young and Adebayo factored into the squad as the 11th and 12th options off the bench. In the interim, their spots will be taken up by Marvin Bagley III of the Sacramento Kings and Derrick White of the San Antonio Spurs.

While Young and Adebayo's demotion all but rules them out from participating in the upcoming tournament, White and Bagley still face a tough test if they are to hang onto their spindly roster spots- as Team USA's senior squad currently stands above the accepted limit, with 17 players under consideration. Of those 17 currently listed on the senior squad, two of them are being monitored in sickbay: Kyle Lowry for a longstanding injury to his thumb, and Marcus Smart for a calf strain. USA Basketball's managing director Jerry Colangelo is not allowed to trim his roster down to a baker's dozen until 48 hours prior to the commencement of the tournament (Sept. 1st).