It is often said that AZ is the most underrated rapper of all time. Like "J. Cole went double platinum with no features," it is a tired trope that somewhat undermines its own message. Regardless of whether or not AZ is the most underrated rapper of all time, he is inarguably one of the 100 greatest rappers of all time, a man who combines the lyrical talents of Jay Z, with whom he used to cypher in the lunchroom of Brooklyn's Eli Whitney High School, and the laid-back demeanor of Snoop Dogg.

This article includes four tracks from AZ's 1995 debut Doe or Die and one song from the majority of his other albums up until 2006 -- a setup that allows us to cover as much as ground as possible while regrettably leaving out "Gimme Your's" and his verse on "Affirmative Action."

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