Tay-K's success arrived only after he was incarcerated. The rapper's hit single, "The Race" was recorded and filmed while he was on the run from the police which played a huge factor in its success. Unfortunately, the very song that helped launch his career was also used against him in court today. According to The Fader, the lyrics and video to "The Race" were used as evidence in court today during his sentencing.

During Tay-K's appearance in court today, an IT employee at the state's attorney's office, serving as the final witness, turned over a disk that contained the video for the single. The jury was played the video before receiving a sheet with the lyrics printed out. Of course, the song is notorious for its content which described Tay-K's evasion from the law. The prosecutors played the video again after handing out the lyrics. Specific screenshots from the video were presented by the prosecutors. Shots of Tay-K holding a weapon and standing next to a wanted sign were shown to the jury. Additionally, Tay-K's social media pages were also used against the rapper. 

Tay-K was convicted on murder charges last week and he could be sentenced anywhere between five to ninety-nine years behind bars. A verdict on his sentencing could come as early as today. We'll keep you posted.