Over two years ago, rapper Tay-K was arrested under suspicion of capital murder and aggravated robbery. His trial began this week and it was reported that he was found guilty of robbery. Now, a new update has arrived in his case and it's extremely serious. Although he has not been sentenced yet, Tay-K has officially been found guilty of murder and he will be spending some time in prison.

According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Tay-K, born Taymor McIntyre, is facing a minimum of five years in prison and a maximum of ninety-nine years after being found guilty of murder. The verdict was decided today during a scheduled court hearing. McIntyre previously pleaded not guilty to capital murder charges, pleading guilty to aggravated robbery on Monday. The jury had reportedly deliberated for four hours before returning with a decision.


It is important to note that Tay-K was not found guilty of capital murder. Had that been the case, he would have automatically gotten forty years in prison with a high chance of a life sentence. His sentence has not been determined yet but it will be lighter as a result.

Stay peeled for all future updates on his sentencing, which should be coming soon.