• Nearly All-White Jury Selected In The Trial For Ahmaud Arbery’s Murder

    Glynn County Superior Court judge Timothy R. Walmsley approved a nearly all-white jury selection in the trial for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery after the defense attorneys removed eight potential Black jurors.

    By Angela Savage
    Nov 7, 2021
  • Ahmaud Arbery Was At Construction Site Because He Was Electrician’s Apprentice

    Ahmaud Arbery wasn’t trying to steal anything from the construction site he was spotted at, says the Arbery family’s lawyer, S. Lee Merritt.

    By Erika Marie
    May 20, 2020
  • Ahmaud Arbery Harassed By Cops In Newly Released Bodycam Footage From 2017

    Ahmaud Arbery had a run-in with Glynn County police officers after he was nearly tased for sitting in his car at a local park.

    By Erika Marie
    May 19, 2020