If you've been craving Taco Bell's ultra-popular nacho fries lately even though they haven't been available in their restaurants, you may want to take a look at your local chain today because the brand has just announced the return of the item on their menu. Last month, it was revealed that Taco Bell was bringing back the menu choice at a higher price and with the new cost of $1.29, customers will be paying a whopping 29 cents more than they're used to. Regardless, it's probably worth it if you need to get your fix, right?

The return of nacho fries coincides with the chain's plan to reconstruct the futuristic Taco Bell in Demolition Man for Comic Con. The upscale restaurant will be situated outside of the event in San Diego between July 19 and 21, offering fans a unique opportunity to partake in a fast food experience like never before. The 1993 thriller predicted that Taco Bell would be the only remaining restaurant in a utopian society in 2032 and, although we're not quite that far into the future, the brand is looking to make it a reality. Taco Bell even went so far as to create a film trailer for the return of nacho fries. That's how big of a deal this is.

Don't get too excited, though, as the fries are only back for a limited time just like earlier in the year. If you've been feening, head to your local Taco Bell today.