UPDATE:Post Malone's Manager, Dre London, says that he, not the label, put the song together with only one feature in mind.

Post Malone's "Rockstar" was undoubtedly one of the biggest records of the year. Since it dropped a few months back, it was virtually inescapable and eventually managed to hit number one on the charts and maintain the position. It would eventually go on to become the longest running hip hop #1 single of 2017. Yesterday, both T-Pain and Joey Bada$$ clarified how the song came about after a leaked "remix" surfaced on the web. Turns out that it wasn't a remix but the original version. People thought T-Pain was salty when he spoke on it but he hit Twitter to clarify his comments.

T-Pain explained on Twitter that he has mad love for Posty and his music and that his comments weren't intended on being malicious by any means. He further elaborated that it was likely a move by the record label to get 21 Savage on it and that the feature would help boost the record considering 21's prominence.

"I guarantee that rockstar would not have gone number one with me on it. Shit was a smart move to put @21savage on it. They know that relevancy drives a hit regardless if you like the artist or not. Hate them as much as you want but where’s YOUR number 1 record?" he wrote.

While Pain makes a valid point, it seems that many people have been feeling the remix that dropped off with him and Joey Bada$$. After T-Pain revealed that the leaked version was the original, Joey Bada$$ confirmed that he co-wrote on the song.

Read T-Pain's tweets below: