When it comes to the subject of falling in love with strippers, there's no greater scholar than the one-and-only Teddy Pain. On Friday, Young Thug shared some advice on strippers to his Twitter followers, but it wasn't long before strip club connoisseur T-Pain offered his own wisdom and experience with the younger rapper.


"Fucking a stripper is one thAng, but falling in-love with em is different and shouldn't be done," wrote Thug, alongside plenty of emojis that suggested he was mostly joking around. T-Pain, who wrote the immortal "I'm 'N Luv (Wit A Stripper)," and has admitted to going to the strip club pretty much every night and spending over $2 million at such establishments, couldn't help but share his point of view with Thug. "I got a few reasons I disagree, and two of those reasons are bringing back money tonight," he joked, seemingly referring to his immensely popular tracks that take place in the strip club. "I love em all lol. Ain't 4 errbody."


Thug took the message to heart, replying, "my fault big brada... u don't count because u r the founder of strippers." When Pain then offered to take Thug to the club on his dime, Thugger insisted that he foot the bill in order to "pay homage" to Pain, who he feels "paved the way" for artists like himself.

We definitely wouldn't mind hearing a new collaboration from these two. Here's hoping this strip club visit leads to a studio session.