It's been a while since we heard new music from SZA. The TDE songstress has been teasing her new album for about a year, telling fans to be on the lookout for A. While it may arrive at any time, there is also the prospect of it never dropping at all. Although the album's announcement has been made, a release date was never provided. At the same time, we're also possibly getting our hopes up even anticipating A because SZA has already told fans that she's retiring. Even if the next album is her last, we hope it arrives soon. We would obviously prefer if she dropped a whole slew of projects throughout the span of a few years but if she's not feeling it, we can't force her. Her recent Instagram activity has been a little perplexing with the artist posting several photos of herself with absurd captions pointing to depression or just general self-awareness. Have a look for yourself.

Three days ago, SZA was feeling herself so she took a mirror shot and as her caption, she wrote: "I dunno what’s happening to me. I think I’m dying. I think I love it. Birth. Fuck it." The message was existential and straight-up weird but fans didn't seem to be bothered by it, instead letting her know how gorgeous she looks. The next day, she smiled big for the camera but her caption conveyed a different emotion: "Joy is fleeting. Hang tight." Finally, the singer twirled for her followers and let everybody know that she's "war ready."

Hopefully, these are lyrics on her upcoming album. If not, please let us know what's going on, SZA.