It's been a minute since we heard from SZA and by the looks of her Instagram, she's been staying pretty low key, with a few performances here and there as well as a slew of fire mirror selfies. The "Supermodel" singer was previously rocking a long fluorescent green hairstyle and now she's back to her natural looks as her latest share sees her posing in a Pooh Bear t-shirt - check it out below.

“It was laughable for me to even talk about self-esteem in a conversation like, ‘Kids, love yourselves.’ It's more so about [having] that honest conversation where it's like, I've never seen a girl who is just like, ‘I actually don't 100% love myself’. I’m trying things every day," SZA previously said about self-love. "I’m working on being delusional to trick myself into loving myself the way that I want to love myself. And I’m finding new versions of myself every day.”