For millions of hip-hop fans, the early millennium remains one of the greatest periods in hip-hop history. Look no further than the recent Verzuz battle between Nelly and Ludacris, two of that particular era's most valuable players. Though the battle itself did suffer from a few unfortunate technical difficulties, the celebratory purpose was certainly achieved, with many gaining a crucial reminder of why they loved Nelly and Luda's music to begin with. Now that a few days have past and the dust has settled, Swizz Beatz took a moment to reflect on the gargantuan numbers the Verzuz battle brought in. 

Nelly Ludacris

Scott Cunningham/NBAE via Getty Images

"Numbers don’t lie congrats @nelly & @ludacris The Verzuz Effect !" boasts Swizz, a well-deserved flex. Beside it stands a tally of the grand totals, which include 200,000 associated posts, over 85,000 users, 3,000,000 in engagement, 470,000,000 in reach, and a whopping 1,474,000,000 in total impressions. Clearly, Swizz and Timbaland have stumbled upon something with their new campaign, and it wouldn't be surprising if more artists saw these numbers and began checking their schedules.

Were you one of the millions paying attention to Nelly and Ludacris' battle? And more importantly, do you think the potential for Verzuz to sustain can stretch beyond the quarantine period? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below, and show some love to Swizzy for holding it down for hip-hop during this trying time.