Toronto police now have a suspect in custody in connection the 2018 shooting death of rapper Smoke Dawg.

CBC reports that it is Abdulkadir Handule who is currently facing two first-degree murder charges for the death of Smoke Dawg, born Jahvante Snart, and Ernest Modekwe, a music manager who was best known as Koba Prime.

It was on June 30, 2018, that the two men and another woman were shot outside of the Cube Nightclub 

"The scene just turned chaotic," a witness recounted. "There were people running everywhere, there were vehicles just trying to get out of the way. Down on Peter Street we just saw a mass of tourists—normal Saturday traffic on Queen Street—basically running scared for their lives. It was intense, it was very chaotic."

Among those who poured out condolences was Drake, who toured with Smoke in 2017 during the Boy Meets World Tour.

"I wish peace would wash over our city," he penned at the time. So much talent and so many stories we never get to see play out. Rest up Smoke."

Shortly after the attack, a warrant was issued for Handule and an unidentified 16-year-old accomplice. After being arrested last month in British Columbia, Handule was handed over to Toronto law enforcement and is expected to appear in court via video stream on September 11th.

Handule's accomplice is still at large as authorities continue to search for his whereabouts.