Stormy Daniels was ordered by a judge to be pay Donald Trump's legal fees after her defamation case against him was dismissed. The case was brought against Trump when he dismissed claims of her affair with him and called her a liar in a tweet. 

Trump's lawyer, on the steps of the court today, claimed that the decision today means "total victory for the president and total defeat for Stormy Daniels in this case." Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti disagreed, citing the fact that this case has always been secondary to the one where she claims to have been made to sign an NDA. "It is not the main case," Avenatti said, "Michael Cohen and Donald Trump have been constantly retreating in connection with that case cause they don't want the truth to come out." To put to rest any doubts of how truly superficial this victory is for El Presidente, he clarified that "this whole thing about attorneys fees today is a bunch of nonsense, it's a joke, an absolute joke,"  as he mimed brushing dirt off his shoulder.

Avenatti signed off on Twitter: