Stevie J is a grown man who likes to mix it up; there's nothing wrong with that - but some people are of a different mind altogether when it comes to the producer's maturity. J's ex-girlfriend's girlfriend recently referred to him as an "Instagram Daddy" in a recent social media tirade. What Tamera Young was implying is that she believes Stevie J isn't present enough in his kids' lives. She thinks Stevie J compensates for his absence by posturing on social media.

Leon Bennett/WireImage/Getty Images

Before Stevie J could even defend himself against Tamera's claims (Mimi Faust is notable ex-love in question), another one of his baby mothers (Joseline Hernandez) doubled down with immediate effect by suggesting that he and current lover Faith Evans would be better off adopting, should they so desire children of their own.

Joseline's next barb was more scathing, as she invaded the pastures of Stevie J's "comment section" to suggest that daughter Bonnie Bella "barely knew him," so in her mind, the above selfie was being posted in vain. Stevie J captioned the post, "Thank you God for blessing me with these dolls." Hopefully, Joseline and Stevie J can sort out their differences for the sake of their daughter - the lingering hostilities between him, Faust and Young are subject to a whole other set of circumstances.