Joseline Hernandez has been busy! Not only has she recently taken to social media to call out her fellow former Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ex Stevie J for trying to creep with her behind wife Faith Evans' back, but the reality star also called out Michael Jackson's Leaving Neverland accusers for trying to capitalize from his name after his death.

"The same people that benefited from him now are throwing stones at his grave. Literally. Stand for something or fall for anything. Everything is not what it seems. Lord forgive the ones that are willing to benefit from him once again while he tries to Rest In Peace. @prpfoundation is going to make sure our kind of kids can be aware of the chess move the masters play to keep all the money, silence us and try to make another slave.

Meanwhile, in the wake of VH1 releasing the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8 trailer, Joseline once again will not make a return. After leaving the series in 2017, Joseline told MadamNoire that she wanted to show a different, less hostile, side of herself. "I decided to move to Miami and just really start a new life," she said. "I did The Real. I did Star. I’m friends with Lee Daniels. I have a lot of opportunities on the table."

"I want to show what I really do," Joseline continued. "I had a great performance at the Gold Room. AG Entertainment brought me. He cut a hole in his ceiling. The cameras came to see me and it was awesome…they didn’t show that on TV. So my thing is I just really have to just focus on what’s going to be best for me. Yo soy Puerto Ricana. Yo hablo Espanol. I make Latin music. And I feel like at that moment, I should have just follow my dream and do what I really want to do with my life."