Steve Kerr unleashed a few hot takes the other day when he hopped on the Warriors Insider Podcast and said the Anthony Davis trade could be damaging for the NBA. He also said that losing Andre Iguodala was one of the worst things he has had to face as a coach. These are some pretty bold claims and surprisingly, Kerr wasn't done there. The three-time NBA Championship-winning head coach told the podcast that the 2017 Warriors were, in fact, one of the best teams to ever step on a basketball court.

If you remember, the team was 12-0 heading into the NBA Finals and eventually defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in just five games, ultimately improving their postseason record to 16-1.

“That team, to me, was as good as any team that’s ever played, at least since I’ve been watching the NBA, playing in the NBA, following it, covering it as a broadcaster," Kerr said. "That was as challenging a group at both ends of the floor I’ve ever seen.”

If you're one of those people who absolutely hate the Warriors, a statement such as this one is absolutely blasphemous. More level-headed fans would probably agree though as the Warriors were stacked with talent that year and were pretty much unstoppable night in and night out. Either way, you have to admire Kerr for being so bold this week.