Over the last five seasons, the Golden State Warriors have made it to five straight NBA Finals and have won three of championships. Heading into this season, the Warriors are severely weakened due to the absence of Kevin Durant and an injury to Klay Thompson. On top of all of this, they recently traded Andre Iguodala who was thought to be the backbone of the entire team. 

Steve Kerr understands this very fact better than anyone and spoke about Iguodala's impact during an appearance on The Warriors Insider Podcast. In fact, Kerr went as so far as to say Iggy's departure has been one of the hardest things he's had to face as a coach.

“That was the most painful loss in terms of a personnel move that I’ve felt as a coach in my five years,” Kerr explained. “Andre really embodied everything I tried to teach to our players in terms of the culture, the unselfishness, the sacrifice.”

Iguodala is currently on the Memphis Grizzlies who are looking to trade him for some pieces. Iguodala could potentially be bought out by his next team which would mean he could go anywhere he wants as a free agent. Surely wherever he goes, Steve Kerr will always miss him.